The organisation ‘Les Amis de Gambie’ cannot do its work without financial support as it funds all its projects entirely from donations.


If you would like to support our work, please pay in your contribution to our account number: IBAN LU42 0030 6563 9934 0000 (BIC/SWIFT: BGLLLULL) or to account number IBAN LU90 0099 7800 0054 5749 (BIC/SWIFT : CCRALULL) in the name of ASBL Les Amis de Gambie, or, even more conveniently, use the PayPal button at the bottom of this page to make your donation quickly and easily.

You can also make regular donations by means of a direct debit or standing order. We are faced with many monthly expenses, such as maintaining the orphanage, food and salaries for the orphanage staff.

All money donations are welcome, no matter how small: every little helps us to provide a home and education for the children in the orphanage and just one Euro will enable us to purchase 2kg of rice!

How to help ‘Les Amis de Gambie’?

Would you (also) like to support us in a non-financial way?


By, for example:

  1. -telling as many people as you can about the vital work being done by Les Amis de Gambie to support orphans in the Gambia.

  2. -donating useful items, such as children clothes, shoes, schoolbags, books,........ (please contact us if you wish to buy something specific)

  3. -actively helping us to devise, set up and implement project plans, campaigns and events to collect funds from sponsorship and donations.

  4. -for events and leisure you can also hire the magician PaSCaL (private and/or corperate); the entire fee is donated to  our orphanage. Please see the website for further information:



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Les Amis de Gambie

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