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New project: ‘Daily Bread’

Besides sleeping will, eating well is also very important for the development of our children. Did you know that for this we require, among others, 45 loaves of bread? If one loaf of bread costs € 0.85 you can easily calculate that  €1,989 is required next year just to be able to buy bread.

We recently started buying our bread from the organisation Brot gegen Not.

This organisation has its head office in Düsseldorf, Germany, and provides a vocational education to young people. Especially adolescents and young adults who live their lives on the street and are victims of natural disasters and wars or are disabled or are refugees, are trained by the organisation. By helping people to help themselves, Brot gegen Not can give these people a future. In the training bakery, young people work under the supervision of largely German bakers. These people are thus given the opportunity to develop and at the same time supply bread to the local community. Our orphanage also makes use of this service.

Aminata, the manager of the orphanage, organisation member Nadia Wenkin and volunteer Sebastiaan van Andel paid a visit to this project and all three of them were impressed. The children also like the bread very much. Buying the bread from this project results in a win-win situation: our children eat bread that they like and the bakers in training have income from their bread!

But this bread also has to be paid for. To this end, we are setting up a new project: ‘Daily Bread'. We aim to raise € 1,989 with this project, enough to be able to pay for the bread for the children for the whole of 2019.

When you support this project, you not only provide their daily bread to our children, but you help the Gambian young people who are working on their future as bakers.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would be so generous to help us.

You can transfer your contribution to account number: IBAN LU42 0030 6563 9934 0000 (BGLLLULL), held in the name of Les Amis de Gambie citing ‘Daily Bread’.


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