‘Les Amis de Gambie’ has already provided assistance in The Gambia in a number of different areas. We are keen to continue to do so. The main projects that we are currently involved in are:

The orphanage:  

In 2005 we started building an orphanage, which opened its doors in January 2009. We now have 25 children living there. Our goal is to offer a safe home to 30 children in the future.

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New project:  

In this section we will outline our most recent projects for which we are currently promoting through fundraising. This project will be started as soon as the necessary funds have been raised. once completed the next project will be commissioned.

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Community projects: 

Projects that aim to support the local community, for example the construction of boreholes to provide clean, safe drinking water and the creation of soccer fields with stands.

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Projects of Les Amis de Gambie


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