New project of Les Amis de Gambie: ‘Help Give Hope’

New project: ‘Help Give Hope’

As you probably are aware, in addition to running the orphanage, our organisation is also committed to improving the living conditions of the local population. This year, your enormous generosity has helped as many as 121 less fortunate and needy Gambian families with a food package, as well as 23 COVID-19 lockdown packages, 80 COVID-19 hygiene packages, 4 sheep and 171 Ramadan packages.

Also the coming months we want to give a helping hand to Gambian families from the less fortunate sectors of society, such as those facing illness, divorce or the death of the breadwinner.

We would like to help these families with an end-of-year package. The staff of our orphanage knows the families who need help the most as they live in the same village. The manager of the orphanage, Aminata Sesay, and employee ‘mama’ Isatou Jallow-Sowe, are doing the shopping and making sure the families receive the package within a week after donation. By shopping in The Gambia, we are supporting local businesses and stimulating the Gambian economy.

An end-of-year package costs €35 and consists of 50 kilos of rice (enough for 1 month), a football, 4 pairs of flip-flops (adults and children) and 6 yards (5.49 metres) of African fabric.

Over the past few months, more and more people, children in particular, have been walking around barefoot because they don’t even have the money to buy a simple pair of flip-flops (€1 per pair). Practically every child in Africa is a football fan and it is always wonderful to see how happy a ball makes a child in Africa; there are very few activities for children on the streets and no balls to play with. Fabric is sold in 6-yard strips (5.49 metres, €7). This fabric is used to make clothes as well as curtains, tablecloths or bed sheets. With donations of fabric, families can decide for themselves what the fabric will be used for.

Please help us in these difficult times by helping those where the effects of the pandemic are being felt most. You can transfer your contribution to accountnumber IBAN LU42 0030 6563 9934 0000 (BGLLLULL) in the name of Les Amis de Gambie or via PayPal citing ‘Help Give Hope’.

We ensure that your donation gets to where help is needed most.

Each and every donation is of great value to us.

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