Organisation of Les Amis de Gambie

On 14 January 2009 the organisation ‘Les Amis de Gambie’ opened an orphanage in The Gambia. It also works on various projects for the local community focussing on the direct needs of the people. The organisation puts its heart and soul into helping this beautiful country, its many orphans and the poor local community to build a good and safe life for themselves. 

‘Les Amis de Gambie’ has a Luxembourg and a Gambian section. In Luxembourg the organisation is made up of six members, all of whom have visited The Gambia on one or more occasions. The members in Luxembourg are mainly responsible for raising funds from sponsorship. 

In The Gambia the organisation is made up of seven members, three Dutch and four Gambians. The Gambian members of our organisation help us gain a better understanding of the country's traditions, apply this knowledge in the policy we pursue and point us in the right direction when it comes to government and staff administration. They have good contacts in the local healthcare sector and advise us on the culture of the country and the associated upbringing of our children.

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